MS SQL General Instance Information

MS SQL General Instance Information

Powershell tips n’ tricks Pt2 – HTML

Powershell tips n’ tricks Pt1

For some time I’ve been coding in Powershell. This post is intendent as my little cheat sheet. Multiline Code When writing Powershell code this string ` could be your friend when nicely formatting the code Get-EventLog – Parsing messages We have some event logging on servers Event Log. Sometimes I have to go through them …

System Center Orchestrator – Runbook error alerts

Powershell – SCCM Software Center server update

In our organization, we have SCCM for manual update deployment. I have a lot of servers I need to patch, on some regular basis. Most of my servers reside on VmWare infrastructure, and before every update I need to create a snapshot of each and every one.With the help of Powershell scripts and VmWare PowerCli …

Stop windows service in Starting state

Powershell – Windows firewall rules with ports

Every couple of months, I need to check Windows firewall on some secure/crucial Windows servers. I needed a automatic report that I can go through quickly. I used powershell, which goes through firewall rules, and in the end it creates an simple HTML report. Parts of code were used from Spiceworks Community In the end, …

Powershell and Lotus Notes pt3

Powershell and Lotus Notes pt2

Powershell and Lotus Notes