SQL – Linked Server xp_prop_oledb_provider error


When you create a Linked Server on SQL Server, some users may get this error:
EXECUTE denied on object ‘xp_prop_oledb_provider’, database ‘mssqlsystemresource’, schema ‘sys’.



So, the only thing you need (if you have set up your permissions correctly on Linked Server) is to run the following code:


If you use domain user, change login to [DOMAIN\username]


And this should solve your problem.


Good Luck

Windows 8 Tips & Tricks

Ok, since I have Windows 8 couple of months, I would like to share some things with you.

First of all, it took me some time to find out where shut down, restart or log off is…

Log off (sign out) or switch user

On Start screen / Metro screen, right click on user:

Shut down, restart and sleep
Open Charms (Win Key+C) then settings
then click Power and Shut Down or Restart or Sleep


Quick access menu

right click on the left bottom corner



Get list of all apps

press Win Key+Q, or go to Start/Metro right click on empty space and in the right bottom corner select All apps


Logon to Desktop not Start/Metro

Ok, first of all find scheduler, then Create basic Task, and on every logon start explorer.





Click finish, restar and test it out.

Good Luck

SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) – Use email friendly name

I had my SSRS running smoothly, but there was one thing bothering me. That was email sender friendly name. In RS Configuration Manager you can setup e-mail settings, and enter senders e-mail address.
But every time I got an email with report, the sent from stated sql@sqlreports.com. But I need an friendly name.
So, I just added “SQL REPORTS” sql@sqreports.com in RSCM and it worked! IT also works with MSSQL 2012 server.


MOBILE PHONE – Prestigio PAP4300 Duo


this short post will be about my new phone, a little review after couple of weeks of owning it.


MultiPhone_4300_DUO MultiPhone


This mobile phone is on Android 4.0 OS. It works with dual SIM cards, and the price is reasonable.

Plus sides:
Price cca 200€ – very very reasonable price
SIM Manager – handles excellent with both SIM cards
Design – looks like Samsung a bit

Not so good sides:
Battery 1500mAh – 1 day of non intensive use
Earphones and sound output – the loudest settings for listening to music or for movie watching is still quiet
When in the sun, screen is poorly readable


My conclusion:
If you have two mobile phones, and two sets of chargers (YEAH, I HAZ IT :I ), and you want it all in one solution, you won’t regret buying this phone. The camera 5MPix is somewhat great, screen response is ok, but battery is Achilles heel. But all in all I’m satisfied, and I would recommend it.


Good Luck


Oh yeah, If somebody needs to transfer your data from Iphone to Android (SMS,CONTACTS) let me know.