Server – prevent registration of multiple IP to DNS from one server


I have a server with two IP addresses, one for internal network, one for external. But my server registers both IP addresses to DNS, and computers on internal network, sometimes get connection timeout.
The problem was solved when I disabled the DNS registration on the other NIC.

Go to TCP/IP v4 properties on NIC

Hit button Advanced

In DNS tab remove check mark on Register this connection’s addresses in DNS

now delete the A record, from DNS, with secondary IP and flushdns on computer with connection problem.


Good Luck

Uninistall of SC agents from Core OS

I deinstalled VMM 2012 from one server. But its agents remained on my Hyper-V core installation servers. How to uninstall them if no Add/Remove programs exist, or you dont have original agent.msi package?

On Core OS (2008 or 2012) run regedit
Go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall
Expand Uninstall, then search in subfolders for string in DisplayName =”System Center Virtual Machine Manager Agent (x64)”, then you know this is a folder for VMM agent.
Now from that same folder copy entire string (example: MsiExec.exe /I{5142AB0B-73E3-4AD3-9D0F-65B3D9026769}) from UninstallString to CMD window in CoreOS and press Enter.

Good Luck