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MS SQL General Instance Information

Windows 10 start menu search problem

Hi, when Windows 10 came out, I bravely installed it on my business notebook. It works great, except Start menu search. Everything I searched returned blank. So I got couple of days to check what was going on. I tried repairing Windows with SFC, I tried turning off Cortana, tamper with registry.. but nothing worked. …

Uninistall of SC agents from Core OS

I deinstalled VMM 2012 from one server. But its agents remained on my Hyper-V core installation servers. How to uninstall them if no Add/Remove programs exist, or you dont have original agent.msi package? On Core OS (2008 or 2012) run regedit Go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall Expand Uninstall, then search in subfolders for string in DisplayName =”System …

SCOM – Setting Pending management after manual agent installation

I recently installed for testing, an SCOM 2012 agent on one machine. But I could not see that computer in Pending Management section. After searching through settings, I found out that you have to set Review new manual agent installation in pending management view in Settings->Securitiy in SCOM Console.

Windows: RPC server unavailable

SRSS – Get list of Reports and Its Data sources and Datasets

I needed to get the list of my reports and what data source and dataset they use. use ReportServer; WITH XMLNAMESPACES ( DEFAULT ‘’, ‘’ AS rd ) SELECT distinct ReportName = name ,DataSetName = x.value(‘(@Name)[1]’, ‘VARCHAR(250)’) ,DataSourceName = x.value(‘(Query/DataSourceName)[1]’,’VARCHAR(250)’) ,CommandText = x.value(‘(Query/CommandText)[1]’,’VARCHAR(250)’) FROM ( SELECT C.Name,CONVERT(XML,CONVERT(VARBINARY(MAX),C.Content)) AS reportXML FROM ReportServer.dbo.Catalog C WHERE C.Content is …

Enable / Re-enable mount of ISO image in Windows 8

SQL – Linked Server xp_prop_oledb_provider error

Windows 8 Tips & Tricks

SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) – Use email friendly name

I had my SSRS running smoothly, but there was one thing bothering me. That was email sender friendly name. In RS Configuration Manager you can setup e-mail settings, and enter senders e-mail address. But every time I got an email with report, the sent from stated But I need an friendly name. So, I …