Windows 10 start menu search problem


when Windows 10 came out, I bravely installed it on my business notebook. It works great, except Start menu search. Everything I searched returned blank. So I got couple of days to check what was going on.
I tried repairing Windows with SFC, I tried turning off Cortana, tamper with registry.. but nothing worked.
Then I suspected the GPO. So, I tested one by one, and finally I got to one where we had all our Internet Explorer settings.
After couple hours of trial and error, I got to conclusion that this two settings enabled Windows 10 start menu search:

Allow Website caches and database must be turned on, and I set it up to 50MB (default is 10)


And if pop-up blocker is turned on, change it’s setting to Low: allow pop-ups from secure sites.


So this helped for me.

Good Luck

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