DNS management Windows 10 1709

Recentley I discovered that DNS management is not installed when installing RSAT (WindowsTH-RSAT_WS_1709-x64) to Windows 10 1709 (Fall Creators Update).

After trying to install RSAT for Windows Server 2016, it was still missing. So I turned to Technet and I found a  article  (here).

The thing is that you have to download the following files and copy them to your system32 folder. It would be the best to copy it from your local Windows 2016 server.


After that you must run CMD as an Administrator and run:
regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\dnsmgr.dll

And now you can run %windir%\system32\dnsmgmt.msc to open the DNS management console.

Good Luck

Managing DNS in Workgroup

we are migrating our external DNS servers to another IP pool. SO I had to create a DNS server (later two), which will be on new IP pool, so we can remove the old ones.

I used Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Core version for this. No excessive updates, GUIs or problems.
But, since it is Core  edition and it is not domain integrated, I had to manage the server remotely.

If you are going to manage it from domain computer, I strongly recommend that you create a DNS record on AD integrated DNS for this server.

I needed to enable Remote Administration through Windows Firewall on the new server:

Netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=”remote administration” new enable=yes

Next, on the client side, you must create Windows Credentials via GUIimage


Or via command line:

cmdkey /add:Servername /user:Servername\administrator /pass:password

And in the end open DNS manager, and connect to the server:


Good Luck

Server – prevent registration of multiple IP to DNS from one server


I have a server with two IP addresses, one for internal network, one for external. But my server registers both IP addresses to DNS, and computers on internal network, sometimes get connection timeout.
The problem was solved when I disabled the DNS registration on the other NIC.

Go to TCP/IP v4 properties on NIC

Hit button Advanced

In DNS tab remove check mark on Register this connection’s addresses in DNS

now delete the A record, from DNS, with secondary IP and flushdns on computer with connection problem.


Good Luck