Managing DNS in Workgroup

we are migrating our external DNS servers to another IP pool. SO I had to create a DNS server (later two), which will be on new IP pool, so we can remove the old ones.

I used Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Core version for this. No excessive updates, GUIs or problems.
But, since it is Core  edition and it is not domain integrated, I had to manage the server remotely.

If you are going to manage it from domain computer, I strongly recommend that you create a DNS record on AD integrated DNS for this server.

I needed to enable Remote Administration through Windows Firewall on the new server:

Netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group=”remote administration” new enable=yes

Next, on the client side, you must create Windows Credentials via GUIimage


Or via command line:

cmdkey /add:Servername /user:Servername\administrator /pass:password

And in the end open DNS manager, and connect to the server:


Good Luck